Our Story of Design and Adventure

It all started with a fateful trip to Guatemala where founders Alex and Robin Hewes fell in love with the beauty, quality, and uniqueness of traditional handloomed textiles.  

Founded in 2012, the arloom team works with many families, collectors and weavers to source and curate the textiles you find in their clothing and accessories.  In a world where value has been placed on speed and quantity over quality, arloom takes a step back to celebrate traditional craftsmanship.

With unique, handmade products of exceptional quality prepared by women celebrating their heritage, arloom’s collection reflects these ideals.  

arloom’s mission is to create beautiful pieces for the modern woman while incorporating traditional handloomed textiles and celebrating the richness of history and unique skills that create these stunning works.  arloom creates pieces that you will treasure for a long time, not just a season.  Each piece is carefully curated and they use every piece of a textile, with little to no waste.   The arloom collection is designed and sewn in Texas by small production groups and independent contractors.  

Robin and Alex are proud residents of Wimberley, Texas, and run arloom from a beautiful Hill Country ranch. Inspired by their surroundings and influenced by their love of travel and new experiences, Robin and Alex work on every aspect of the arloom business, from product design and textile curation to photography and customer engagement.

When they’re not working on creating beautiful clothing and accessories, Robin and Alex like to go on adventures with their three boys.  Visiting National Parks, camping and hiking are the destinations of their current travels.  Always ready for the next adventure, they can’t wait for the days that their boys will be old enough to learn more about the family business and go on adventures with them in Central America.  


"We’re fortunate to be able to blend our work with our love of adventure and the outdoors. Being able to pour our hearts into these products, coordinating directly with weavers, selecting textiles and involving ourselves in every detail of production, is incredibly rewarding. We are truly proud of and believe our ideals are reflected in everything we create."