arloom, a story of design and adventure


Pairing unique Guatemalan textiles with high-quality leathers, arloom collaborates with artisans to design and produce a collection of one-of-a-kind handbags, jewelry and accessories. But arloom isn’t only about creating beautiful products; owners Alex and Robin Hewes also focus on helping to sustain cultural traditions and provide economic opportunities for indigenous people in Central America. Founded in 2012, the arloom team works with cooperatives that only employ women earning fair wages to weave new textiles, collaborating with them on designs and creating steady employment for women in small villages.

In a world where value has been placed on speed and quantity over quality, arloom takes a step back to celebrate traditional craftsmanship. With unique, handmade products of exceptional quality prepared by women celebrating their heritage, arloom’s collection reflects these ideals.

Robin and Alex are proud residents of Wimberley, Texas, and run arloom from a beautiful Hill Country ranch. Inspired by their surroundings and influenced by their love of travel and new experiences, Robin and Alex work on every aspect of the arloom business, from product design to textile selection to traveling to roadshows. When they’re not working on creating beautiful bags and accessories, Robin and Alex like to relax on their ranch patio with a glass of wine and enjoy their latest adventure: parenthood.

“We’re fortunate to be able to blend our work with our love of adventure and the outdoors. Being able to pour our hearts into these products, coordinating directly with weavers, selecting textiles and involving ourselves in every detail of production, is incredibly rewarding. We are truly proud of and believe our ideals are reflected in everything we create.”