Care for Your Bag

Leather Care:  Our leather is something we focus a lot of attention on.  We love the variations and natural elements of hides and think they give the perfect amount of unique flair to each bag we make.  We recommend letting the natural beauty of the leather evolve as your oils soften it over time.   You can use leather conditioner to keep your leather hydrated, but we wouldn't recommend much more than that.  

Textile Care:  Many of the beautiful, one-of-a-kind textiles you see on arloom bags are vintage.  There are sometimes snags or loose threads in the weavings.  Refrain from pulling the thread.  This is not a defect and can easily be cured with a simple snip of the thread.  See a loose thread?  Just grab your trusty scissors and trim the loose thread flush with the textile.  

If you happen to spill, don't fret.  You can spot clean the textile with mild soap and water.  Some customers even choose to use Scotch Guard to protect their textiles from any damage.