Kid Huipil- 4/6

Kid Huipil- 4/6

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Size: 4/6

Sizes are a "fits like" guide and not a standard measurement.  

Our vintage huipil tops were born from a love and respect of traditional textiles hand-loomed and worn by Mayan women.  arloom carefully curates and tailors our vintage huipils to be ready to wear.  Each top is one-of-a-kind in size and design.  

A note about our huipils:
All of our tops have lived a previous life and show signs and character of their use and age.  We celebrate and appreciate these unique qualities for what they are, signs of a life well lived and a story to tell.  A loose thread, fringed hem, faded or over-dyed colors are all signs of your huipil's life and should not be viewed as imperfections. Unless you are a perfectionist and in that case, this probably isn't the top for you.  

Care for your huipil:  Hand-wash or machine wash on a delicate cycle in cold water with a mild detergent.  Hang-dry.  

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